STEP UP! Student Ambassadors

Mission: STEP UP! Student Ambassadors will work with the STEP UP! committee and promote the brand to empower the S&T community to foster a culture of awareness, intervention, and inclusion.

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  • To promote the STEP UP! brand on campus through marketing campaigns
  • To be an example of good character and to live the STEP UP! values of awareness, intervention, and inclusion
  • To be a source of support/additional safety for peers
  • To provide peers an extra sense of security through programming and training


  • To have taken STEP UP! training at least once
  • To be an actively participating member for regular weekly meetings 
  • To help plan, attend, and work STEP UP! events
  • Facilitate STEP UP! trainings

Program Benefits

  • STEP UP! is really cool
  • You can help other people
  • Gain knowledge and experience in program planning, event execution, and presentation skills
  • Help peers and community members feel informed, included, and safe
  • Obtain a better understanding of how to handle a potentially unsafe situation 

STEP UP! Student Worker

The Miner Wellness STEP UP! Student Worker position is a responsible individual interested in student wellness, social media, data, and violence prevention. The student worker will assist the wellness staff on educational projects, evaluation/data compilation, social media messaging for STEP UP!, and awareness campaigns.


  • Work 8-10 hours per week
  • Enter and track assessment & evaluation data in Google Drive
  • Social media marketing for STEP UP! (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat)
  • Update STEP UP! website as needed
  • Participate in STEP UP! Student Ambassador program
  • Create flyers or promotional materials
  • Promote STEP UP! bystander intervention training and prosocial program
  • Possible other duties based on department need and student skills/interest
  • Engage with campus community through tabling and other outreach events


  • To have taken STEP UP! training at least once
  • To be a part of at least one other campus organization 
  • To be an actively participating member for regular semester meetings 
  • To help plan, attend, and work events and programs created by the STEP UP! Committee


  • Moderate to advanced computer skills
  • Qualtrics
  • Microsoft Office (Excel)
  • Google Drive
  • Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat
  • Public speaking
  • Good attention to detail
  • Ability to organize and prioritize multiple work assignments
  • Strong communication skills