Miners Care Committee

Mission: The Miners Care Committee fosters a culture of mental well-being at Missouri S&T through the collaborative efforst of faculty, students, and staff.

Definition of Mental Health:  Mental health is an active process that exists on a continuum. Utilizing a whole-person approach, members of the campus community can contribute to student success by providing care and support to develop intellectual, emotional, social, and physical wellness. By involving not just the individual, but the environment as well, we call all contribute to student mental well-being.


           Mental Health Continuum       


  • Broaden the definition of mental health to include a more holistic and inclusive approach
  • Emphasize the shared responsibility all member of campus have in addressing mental well-being
  • Coordinate and provide initiative that assists student with the management of stress
  • Assess and evaluate ongoing mental well-being initiatives and make recommendations for change

Miners Care Committee Structure

Steering Committee Members

Jessica Gargus

Managing Director

Mindy Bryson

Nurse Practitioner, Assistant Director

Chelsea George

Wellness Coordinator