A-TEAM (Alcohol-Talk, Educate & Advocate for Miners)

Missouri S&T A-TEAM promotes a healthy and safe environment by engaging with campus and community partners to prevent and reduce high-risk drinking and other problematic behaviors.

A-TEAM builds awareness and encourages action by providing knowledge and resources to foster responsible and educated choices.  

A-TEAM's  2017-2018 Strategic Plan focuses on three priority areas of concern as identified by data from the Missouri Assessment of College Health Behavior Summary (MACHB).

Priority 1: Missouri S&T students who choose to engage in high risk drinking.

Priority 2: Missouri S&T students under the age of 21 who choose to drink in campus-approved housing locations and off-campus social gatherings.

Priority 3: Strengthen the Missouri S&T Alcohol Prevention Coalition (A-TEAM) and its comprehensive approach to campus and the community.

Who is Mak the Mole

Mak the Mole digs deeper into alcohol social norms on Missouri S&T campus.  Click here to read more about Mak!